Attention Anime Expo Cosplayers for 2013

Attention Anime Expo Cosplayers for 2013

As all of you know, we’ll be back at the Anime Expo this year and are looking for a handful of cosplayers to sponsor to wear our nails at the convention.

Because our nail art sets are all hand made, we would not be able to accommodate everyone that we would like to, nor can we sponsor that many. ┬áIf you’re interested, please send us an email with your costume idea, any pictures of your past costumes, and any additional information that you’d like us to consider.

Depending on the emails that we receive, we may make a custom set for you and your costume, or may sponsor you with a current design (or a design that is upcoming).

Those who we select will be announced here on our site with more information about them and their costumes.

For more information, to submit your idea/costume, or for questions, please CONTACT US.

For more information about our booth number and information about Anime Expo, click HERE.