Dolls Stuck on Nails = Nail Art?

Here at Bling Up, we’ve had our share of criticism. Everything from “I’d kill my baby with your nails” to the “I’d punch a new **** going #2” – we’ve heard and seen quite a bit since our passion of the cute nail art from Japan became a full time gig here.  And just when we think we really have seen and heard it all, we see an article like this that just makes us take a step back and wonder,… are we out of style now?  Is this going to be the new trend?  We’d really like to hear from you below…



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  1. WOW that’s incredible!!!!! That must be heavy but fun to wear! I can’t to make my first nail set like that! I went to school to learn that and I slowly stopped but now I’m excited to get back into it. I want to see your nails in person so I hope to see you guys out in seattle/tacoma area XOXO

    P.s. those pirate nails were sooo cool! Reminds me of “Pirates of the Carbbean”