Follow Us in Japan!

Follow Us in Japan!

Although we go to Japan every quarter, this will be the first time we are inviting YOU to come along with us.  Normally we’re so busy meeting with our artists that we don’t get to share our journey, but this time we’ll be making a particular effort to do so and share our experience with you.

We have extended our trip and will be visiting the wonderful city of Osaka and all of its delicious wonders along with our usual stops in Tokyo.  We’ll be doing some shopping, a lot of eating, and of course, sightseeing for some of our staff who will be joining us for the first time.  If you’d like to follow us on our journey, be sure to follow us on our Instagram or Google+.  We will be updating our Facebook page as well but not as much or in real time like we will be on our Instagram or Google+.

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Sushi in Tokyo

Kaiten Sushi in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan